Thursday, May 16, 2019

Graduates College, Starts a Blog


I have a degree in Literature. Not English, mind you. Literature. Stories. I moved from Coastal Maine to Northern Virginia to study stories. I thought I wanted to study true stories, that is, Journalism, and I did that for a year before I decided I wanted to study real stories, that is, My Story, that is, Drop Out of College for Financial Reasons and Make a Life For Myself. And then after waiting tables for a bit, I went to work for a church, which was one of the worst life decisions I have ever made, but at the time it seemed better than getting yelled at over salad dressing, so there it is. I brought my sister (who blogs here) out to live with me because I was lonely and needed her, and because she was sad and needed a fresh start.

After a year or so at that church I got super bored with my story and decided to go back to school to study fictional stories in an attempt to make my real one more...well MORE. Stories do that, you know. All of them. If they’re good stories (in the broadest sense). They make you more.

They make you bigger. They make you muchier. 

I’ll just leave this ^ here.

Anyways. I went back to school. And then I met Jon. And then I lost my job. Which was one of the better/more painful things that has happened in my life. In the following few horribly-lost weeks, I took Jon to meet my parents in Maine, and he started talking about getting married. Talk about emotional whiplash. First betrayal by best friends, then true love, then a whole new set of friends, a whole new job, a whole new apartment, the promise of a whole fresh new life spread out in front of me.

It’s this life, working here at this super-cool kitchen/bath design company with my artsy, construction coworkers (yes, that can be a thing), planning a wedding, reading SO MANY BOOKS, and trying to figure out how to fill the massive void in my life where school used to live--it’s this life that I want to talk with you about here on this blog.

Hey, thanks for reading, by the way. All two of you, you are so great. Hi mom.

Things I’m probably going to write about a lot (Fair Warning):

Books. Old, wonderful, classic books. Recent, thoughtful, popular books. Books I can’t stop thinking about from when I was younger. Books I took way too long to read because I thought they'd be boring or bad, but finally fell in love with. (*Is she talking about books or about Jon?*)

Jon and the very few things I've figured out about love.

Wedding Planning. Because I actually LOVE it, and I’m full of tips and ideas.

Food, Cooking, and Body Image.

Feminism. Because it’s possible to think that women should be treated like human beings with rights and stuff while still thinking that unborn children should be treated like human beings with rights and stuff while still thinking that men should be treated like human beings with rights and stuff.

Other Politics and Current Events. But not too much. Because I get too feisty.

The Church in America. Because I’ve seen and experienced so so much that is so so wrong and so so unacceptable in people (including myself) who claim to represent Christ and hold the hope of all the world.

The State of Current, Conservative, Christian Thought. On all the topics. From relationships and sexuality to movies and media to politics.

Hobbies. I have too many. And there’s so much I want to try. Origami. Knitting. French. American Sign Language. Yoga. Swimming. Macrame. Window Gardening. Etc. Etc.

Art and Music. Also MOVIES. Also TV. And maybe some video games.

Life, the Universe, and Everything.

That is all.

Readers (you beautiful people), comment below! What should I write about?
What are your favorite types of stories?
How do you cope with massive life changes?
What do you do when you get a whole bunch of free time?

NEXT POST (Probably): 10 New-ish YA Novels for Your Reading List.


  1. Yay, mixing of religion and politics! Good thing we're all friends here. ;-)

    1. Bahaha!! Theory: if you talk about religion and politics, it goes badly, but if you talk about religion and politics in the context of literature, it goes better.

  2. You need to REVEL in this time if you are planning on having kids. The chance to write, read, and have fun dates tends to get put on hold when little people step in. That's a blog in and of itself! Is it fun? Yes. Is it beneficial? Double yes!!! Nothing brings a person closer to Jesus than realizing that He has entrusted You with the care of His creation!!! I literally said to my husband minutes after the first babe was delivered....We need to do this again!!!! Creation is just that cool of a miracle. So when I say REVEL in this time, I am also saying fill yourself to the brim with God's word and truth (and good coffee). Although my search to understand God started before marriage, I came to Christ after kids. I can't turn back time, but it would be interesting to see what I could have avoided if I had known unconditional love like I do now. Tangent! PLEASE right about your favorite old books as well. I am working my way through the classics with and without the kids. Yeah blogs!

  3. You're so right! I'm Sure when the time comes for kids the tenor of this blog will Wildly change.

  4. I’m muchly looking forward to seeing more of your story. Love, Aunt Kathy