Thursday, May 23, 2019

"The Breakfast Dress," A Poem

                  selective focus photography of pink petaled daisy flower in vase

I wrote this while driving through West Virginia one morning while the frost was still out on the grass. I had to memorize each line before I could add another or it would have been lost to the drive.
I don’t write poetry often. The urge doesn’t strike me often. As you see, it hasn’t since the winter.

I hope you like it.

“The Breakfast Dress”
There are gauzy mornings

When robin’s egg, blush, and ivory tulle

Fall in layers on the feet of the mountains

Comfortable in slippers of pine

And as the sky approaches

Each blade of grass stands to attention

Clad in winter suits of fine crystal

Not even Solomon in all his glory

Was arrayed like one of these

And not even Aphrodite

Could rival the sky in her breakfast dress

But God made the grass for our cattle to eat

And He gave us the pines for our houses

He moves the mountains out of our way

And commands the sky at our request

So Darling

I don’t know why you’re worried how you’re dressed

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