Thursday, August 1, 2019

Liz and I Embark on a Readathon


Okay, so I know everyone is just Dying to hear about Jon's and my honeymoon (eh, probably not, but I did promise, so I will make good on that), but I've procrastinated on that too long, and now I feel like posting about the 2019 Reading Rush instead. So, being under no deadlines save the ones I put on myself, I'm going to do that.

What Is The Reading Rush, you ask??

Formerly known as the Booktubathon, it is a seven-day-long reading marathon hosted by Youtube and aimed at their Booktubing community and its fans. (A Booktuber is a Youtuber who makes videos about books. It's a whole community of which two of my favorites are Jesse the Reader and A Clockwork Reader.) The Reading Rush has now grown into a separate organization with its own website. Technically, the readathon started and ended last week, but Liz (my sister, of Out of Coffee, Out of Mind) and I decided to watch the Booktubers do it first, and start ours today instead, on the first of the month, because that felt right.

So how does this thing work?

Each year, Youtube issues seven challenges, theoretically corresponding to seven books of the reader's choice, although many readers choose to complete several challenges with a single book rather than try to read seven books in seven days.

The best way to show you how this works is to tell you which books I've decided to tackle this week, why I picked them, and how they line up with each of the 2019 challenges. Liz and I decided to shoot high by picking out seven books, one for each challenge, but also to cover ourselves by picking books that could fit multiple challenges so that even if we don't complete all seven books, we can conceivably still kill all seven challenges. Now, Liz's picks are almost entirely different from mine, so I'll let her announce her choices on her own blog. Here are mine:

Challenge Number One: "Read a book with purple on the cover."

                                                Macbeth (Manga Shakespeare Series)
See? Purple. I noticed that several Booktubers, including A Clockwork Reader selected one or two graphic novels for the Reading Rush in order to have a couple easy-to-complete titles on their TBR (To Be Read) piles, so I gave myself permission to follow suit. I have been fangirling over this Manga Shakespeare series adapted by Richard Appignanesi and illustrated by a wide variety of artists for about a year now. Macbeth is one of the view available titles I have not yet read in this series, so it's my pick for the first challenge.

Challenge Number Two: "Read a book in the same spot the entire time." 

                                                 The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
I chose the audio CD version of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid for this challenge because listening to an audio CD book at my desk at work should be an easy way to complete this challenge. I chose this book because it's being talked about a Lot in the book world right now, and I'd like be be able to understand and participate in that conversation. This book could also fill Challenge Number Six.
Challenge Number Three: "Read a book you meant to read last year." 

I definitely meant to read Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury last year, and it's especially fitting in light of my Challenge Number One pick because Mr. Bradbury stole his title straight from Macbeth. I'll be steaming the audio for this book through the Hoopla app on my phone. If you have a library card, you can borrow six titles per month through Hoopla for free. I use my Hoopla allotment to give myself some portable entertainment while cleaning my house. The app also features a sleep timer, so I often set it for fifteen minutes, and fall asleep somewhere around minute 14. This book is supposedly pretty creepy, so I may not do that this time around, but we'll see.

Challenge Number Four: "Read an author's first book."

                                                Paperback City of Bones Book
I've been wanting to try out Cassandra Clare's writing for some time, and City of Bones was her debut novel, so this worked out nicely. The Mortal Instruments series, which begins with City of Bones is both immensely popular and widely controversial, so I'm excited to be finally developing an opinion of my own about it. I'll be listening to an audio CD version of this book in my car this week. This book could also fill Challenge Number Five, since its main characters only Look human--to those who can see them, that is.

Challenge Number Five: "Read a book with a non-human main character." 


My original plan had been to read The Green Ember by S.D. Smith, which came highly recommended to me by a friend, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get my hands on a copy in time for the challenge, so I'm putting this at the top of my post-challenge TBR pile, and I've selected Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman instead.

                                                  Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle, #1)
Aurora Rising doesn't fit the challenge nearly as well as a book with rabbit main characters, but one of the Aurora squad is an alien, and this book has been sitting unread on my shelf for months, so it'll do. If the The Illuminae Files series is any indication, I won't regret having to go with my second choice.

Challenge Number Six: "Pick a book that has five or more words in the title." 

                                                  Paperback How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found Book

How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found by Sara Nickerson fits this challenge perfectly. This is a mid-grade novel which I (appropriately) read in middle school. It's mildly creepy, and I remember only bits and pieces of the storyline. I just know Liz and I were blown away by it back in the day, but subsequently lost access to the library where it lived. Years passed, and the title, author, and most pertinent details of the plot Disappeared Completely from our minds Never to be
Found until, after years of searching, making queries online, and even writing to Scholastic, Inc., I finally found mention of it in a thread on Goodreads begun by someone else who was also trying to track it down. I am So Excited to finally have this book in my hands again (a beat-up used copy since it's out of print) and to finally be able to reread it! Sidenote: I may write a blog post at some point about how to relocate books you loved in your childhood, but subsequently lost to time.

Challenge Number Seven: "Read and watch a book to movie adaptation." 

                                                   Cover art

This is the only challenge for which Liz and I selected the same book. We were neither allowed to read the book nor watch the movie as kids (for some good reasons, I think), so now, as adults, we've decided to tackle it and discuss it and enjoy the movie together as a mid-marathon reading break.

That's my Reading Rush 2019 TBR everybody!!

IN SEVEN DAYS I will post again with either an announcement of my victory or a confession of my defeat. I will include a mini-review of each of the titles I manage to complete as well my thoughts on the experience as whole. If you want to do this challenge with Liz and I, feel free to start any day you wish, and let us know what books you pick and how it goes!


  1. This doesn't work for me this year due to my work schedule (who needs to eat, right?), but I would love to participate sometime. I look forward to hearing how it goes!

    1. Yeah eating and sleeping are totally unnecessary activities. Liz and I will be knocking on your door next year with stacks of books to press you into marathoning!!Expect it!